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Proposals must submitted by 3:00 p.m. February 22, 2018

Fiscal Year 2018 Emergency Purchases Listing Update 02/15/2018
Fiscal Year 2018 Sole Source Master Listing Update 2/2/2018  
 Sole Source Purchases  Pending Sole Source Purchases  Emergency Purchases
Omni Technologies Oem/Fire AVI SPL Audio Visual Innovations, Inc. Maintenance - Hacienda Home Center
Fire - OHD LLLP   Sheriff - O'Reilly Auto
Sheriff - TransUnion TLO   Sheriff - Franken Tire Center
Fire Dept - Waterways of New Mexico LLC   Public Services - Capital Ford
    Detention Center - Argyle Security
    El Pueblo Fire - New Image Construction
    Detention Center - American Fire Protection
    Public Services - San Miguel Supply
    Detention Center - A1-Communications
    Detention Center - EGB Electric
    Public Services - Rocky Road
    Public Services - Wagner
    Fire - Professional Auto Parts
    Public Services - Capital Ford
    Maintenance - Trane INC.
    Public Services - BTU
    Public Services - Professional Auto Parts/NAPA
    Detention Center - BTU
    Maintenance - JCG Plumbing
    Public Services - Bobcat of Albuquerque  
    Public Services - San Miguel Supply
     Public Services Dept 201 - Capital Ford
     Public Services - D.A.G. Enterprises
     Public Services Dept 201 - D.A.G. Enterprises
     Maintenance - JCG PLumbing
    Sheriff - Hacienda Home Center
    Sheriff - BTU Home Centers
    Public Services - D.A.G. Enterprises
    Public Services - American Fire Protection
    Fire - O'Rielly Auto
    Public Services - Napa Auto Parts
    Detention Center - Mark's Service
     Maintenance - Leo's Glass & Glazing Services LLC
     Maintenance - Hacienda Home Center
     Public Services - Truck Repairs
     Public Services - Professional Auto Parts
     Public Services - Road Repairs San Geronimo Area
     Public Works Power Ford
     Public Works D.A.G.
     Detention Center Hacienda
     Maintenance First Call Cleaning & Restoration
     Public Works DAG Enterprises
     Public Works Inland Kenworth
     Fire Hays Plumbing
     Fire Pat Romero Feed & Supply
     Public Services BTU
     Fire Dept. BTU
     Fire Dept. Hacienda
     Fire Dept. San Miguel Supply
     Fire Dept. O'Rilley Auto Parts
     Fire Dept. Garcia Tires
     Fire Dept. Franken Tires
     Fire Dept. Big O Tires
     Maintenance JCG Plumbing
     Detention Center George's Appliance Repair
     Fire Dept. Code 3 SERVICE
     Detention Center BTU
     Fire Dept. CODE 3 SERVICE
     Gallinas VFD Highlands Wrecker Services
     Public Services Truck Repair
     Public Services Crusher Repair
     Public Services Professional Auto Parts (NAPA)
     Maintenance Dept/Hacienda Home Center
     Public Services Truck Repair
     Fire Plumbing/Construction
     Fire Air Conditioner Repair
     Fire Tower Inspections
     Detention Center Plumbing Services
     Detention Center Air Conditioner Repair
     Detention Center Electrician Services
     Detention Center Plumbing Services
     Detention Center Plumbing Services
     Sheriff's Office/ Professional Auto Parts
     Solid Waste 998/ Rush Truck Center
     Public Services/ Wagner
     Public Services/ MCT
     Detention Center/ WINDSOR
     Public Services/ San Miguel Supply
     Public Services/ BTU
    Maintenance/ American Fire Protection